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Testimonials: Testimonials

Ava Jenkins, Denver, CO

"Before Mandy started training me, I had never run more than 4 miles. I was pretending to be okay with that, but in reality I was scared to try. I didn’t want to fail. One night at a dinner party, I expressed interest in maybe running more, simply because I never had. Mandy offered to be my running coach, and with lots of love and encouragement convinced me that I could handle a 10 mile race: the Cherry Creek Sneak. 

Like I said earlier, never having the drive to run more than 4 miles this was very intimidating to me! Mandy changed all of that.

Eight weeks later I am literally dreaming about running, my average mile time has dropped from a 9:50 to 8:45, and I have more energy and am a happier person in general! At the time I am writing this I am a week and a half away from the 10 mile race and I have NEVER been more excited to do something like this! I know now that I want to go for the Colfax Half Marathon, and I am more exited for my future in running then ever before! Thank you Mandy!!!"

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